Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday LetterPlay... M is for Moustache


Thursday Letterplay? Doesn't have the same ring does it! I got so busy yesterday afternoon that I completely forgot to post, but never fear folks, Kate and I both made the deadline! No late comers here. We are right in the throws of Movember, probably one of my favourite months of the year, coming up close behind decembeard (Or any other the months ending in ber... lets just have a hairy year next year boys? What do you think?) Lots happening, Lots to post, lots to sort out. Christmas is coming, oh goodness! Soon we will be wishing each other a happy new year... Scary thoughts over! Lets just enjoy the Mo Goodness shall we? Oh! and Kates sweet new logo! Go check out her blog. Its pretty.

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