Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday LetterPlay... N is for Number

Counting is fun. And now it is pretty too. Goodness, we are getting through these letters. I won’t lie, next week is going to be cool. Things have been really busy at this end but I am really glad that both Kate and I haven’t let this project suffer because of it. Lots is going on, including a website update/makeover. So maybe in a few days when it is done you might want to take a nosey and see what's been happening in the world of The Poppy Creative. It's been pretty exciting, and all sorts of beautiful. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Daniel, Alesha & Oscar ... Lifestyle

I had the opportunity to photograph this gorgeous family while I was in Auckland recently. Alesha, Daniel and Oscar are so dear to my heart, that it was an absolute joy to spend a a little while in a beautiful Auckland park and capture a few moments. In a few weeks I will be heading back up to Auckland to photograph Alesha and Dan's wedding. Its a pretty exciting time in the life of this little family, and I am super blessed to be part of it all. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday LetterPlay... M is for Moustache


Thursday Letterplay? Doesn't have the same ring does it! I got so busy yesterday afternoon that I completely forgot to post, but never fear folks, Kate and I both made the deadline! No late comers here. We are right in the throws of Movember, probably one of my favourite months of the year, coming up close behind decembeard (Or any other the months ending in ber... lets just have a hairy year next year boys? What do you think?) Lots happening, Lots to post, lots to sort out. Christmas is coming, oh goodness! Soon we will be wishing each other a happy new year... Scary thoughts over! Lets just enjoy the Mo Goodness shall we? Oh! and Kates sweet new logo! Go check out her blog. Its pretty.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday LetterPlay... L is for Lemon

L! Holy heck! We made me! Woohoo! Being busy is a really nice feeling, being creative is even nicer. As we head into week 13 of this little project, I have wondered more than once why I haven’t done something like this sooner. I feel like I am growing creatively every week which, for lack of a better word, is nice. I have lots of sneak peeks to show you, and a lot more bookings coming in too which is not only exciting, but giving me a creative push in that area as well. It must be the time for growth, and I am embracing that, with two arms wide open.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Kate & Rob ... A love story

When Kate asked me if I would be able to photograph her and her man while I was up in Auckland, I was super happy to oblige. I met Kate at Design School, and she is the other half of the Letterplay project you have seen around here. Kate and Rob are so adorable. Its so sweet to watch them interact and joke with one another. We spent the late afternoon at the beach eating frozen yoghurt and playing in the sand, and then headed up to a beautiful lookout just as the sun was setting. Thank you so much Kate and Rob for letting me have a peek at your love, you two are complete babes.