Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday LetterPlay... G is for Girl

After a few technological issues, here we are at week seven. Last week I mentioned that I had an idea for what I was going to do … Well it is probably no surprise that the concept completely went out the window. A big part of that was that my computer decided to have a bit of a tantrum in the middle of the week, so on Sunday night, I changed the entire design, concept, and medium, and went with something new. I hand illustrated this little belle. I always doodle characters so I thought, why not. I quite like her actually, and am thinking about maybe developing a couple of friends for her to sit with too. We shall see. In other news! I have some exciting things in the mix, including a really fabulous project for a really hairy cause. Yip, I am getting involved with another fabulous creative and a project team of PR legends, to raise some funds and some awareness for my favourite themed month of the year. Movember. Watch this space folks, it is going to be bodacious. 


  1. love it!! especially the watercolour background :D

  2. I love your little doodle - great idea! Cannot wait to see how your new project unfolds.