Monday, April 9, 2012

366 v13 & 14

Its been such a relaxed awesome weekend here. Easter is always a time of reflection and thankfulness, but this year particularly, for me at least, has been super relaxed. The sun has been shining, and its just been a good one. As you can see from the photos above, I have started a new job. I am working at a distance learning university working with students in order to help them achieve secondary level qualifications in order to allow them to do the qualifications that they want as well. It all sounds a bit fancy and I am still learning all the ropes and codes and programs but things are going well. Although this 5 days mini break over easter has certainly been welcomed. 

In other news, I am super excited that my website is almost completely done, and I should be able to give you a launch date in the next few days. Now that is flipping exciting! 

Only one more of these wee posts to catch up. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

366 v11 & 12

I have a few of these posts to catch up on, I just got all caught up in all the things that I am working on at the moment. So talking about these photos are a little retrospective for me! These photos are sort of everyday ones, nothing entirely exciting, just my life, the weather, taking drives and sleeping in. All except the last one. Day Seventy Two. That morning, my trainer and I walked up a mountain, literally. Mt Climie is the highest peak around my town, and while it was incredibly difficult, both mentally and physically I was so excited and proud when I met summit. The day was perfect, the view was stunning, and knowing that I did something that was so far out of my reach a few months ago, was so satisfying.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A wee update and a cup of tea

It has been a while! I have been incredibly busy, and there are a lot of things going on at this end, which is of course exciting! I have started a permanent full time job which has been great but also meant that I have had to become a class act juggling artist to try to fit everything in. There are a lot of exciting opportunities in the works to, and hopefully I will be able to start sharing those soon, but for now, I will just have to leave you all intrigued! I also have a backlog of photos from my 366 project to post, and I am going to catch up on them in the next few days too! For now, I thought I would share some work, granted it is from a while ago, but it is still something that I look at and really love. The brief was to redesign a Fast Moving Consumer Good that could be found in a supermarket, and being the tea lover that I am, I decided to redesign some of my favourite tea products, so the healtheries 'be healthy' series got a wee bit of a makeover. 

I hope you like it! Now I feel like a cup of tea.