Thursday, March 1, 2012

Deathcab for cutie... You are cute.

You know how sometimes there are bands that you listen to, and you just smile? Well Deathcab for Cutie are one of those bands for me. They are just. Well. Cute. And as luck would have it they decided to be part of the New Zealand International Arts Festival this year, which as luck would have it, takes place right on my backdoor step. {Thanks Wellington for being cool.} So my pal and I  got a little bit excited and made a night of it. Cocktails, good food and the delightful tunes of a band sure to make your day, Last night was a pretty good night. Oh yes it was. We decided to hang back and have a dance rather than get all smooshed up and covered in other peoples sweat, so the photos are the best quality but who gives a hoot. It was so much fun, I hope they come back soon.

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  1. Speaking of CUTE, how CUTE was your outfit?!

    oh Death Cab... my ring tone for my ex once upon a time ("that ex") was "soul meets body." i couldn't listen to it for the longest time because it's such a happy song (which is why i chose it at the time-- every time i heard it i was happy). Now i can play it and smile knowing i got through that.

    But my most favorite song by them? this one :