Friday, March 9, 2012

336 v8, 9 & 10

Opps! I have been a little bit behind posting these photos! But I haven't forgotten to take them yet! Thats pretty impressive for me, considering this is normally the point where I get a bit forgetful with these sorts of things. Lets see, the last few weeks ... its been a little bit hazy really. I have been working really hard on some great design work and some beautiful photography, I have a few new things starting to come up too which is so exciting, its so nice to work with such wonderful clients, they make my days better. I had a really bad bout of food poisioning the other weekend, but have bounced back just fine which is nice because it was really a horrible weekend! I have booked tickets to see City and Colour when they come to Auckland {squeals with excitement} and this time last week saw DeathCab for Cutie. Talk about a whole bunch of talented people gracing our lovely shores at the moment! Its exciting, and expensive, but oh so worth it. 

Oh and in other exciting news... I have been offered a job. More about that soon, but I am so happy that I will finally be officially employed again. Woohoo!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stop at nothing. Not a usual Post.

Disclaimer: Some of the information in this post is extremely heavy. I would encourage you to read and investigate for yourself about the atrocities that this man, Joseph Kony, has commited. I have tried to make that a bit easier by providing a bunch of linked information, and would encourage you to dig into it to really understand what is going on in our world.

Invisible Children have released their new campaign for 2012. Kony 2012. This is something that I believe in. Something that I have believed in since I first interacted with this organisation almost 6 years ago, and something that I believe needs to be seen, heard, and changed. And my goodness, I think this might just do it. If you havent seen the KONY 2012 video yet, you need to scoot on over to the official website and check it out. It is also available through vimeo and youtube too! This will all make a bit more sense once you have viewed it. I have to say, that the footage of the night commuters from the original IC rough cut still really effects me. There is just something powerful in the imagery, and the haunting of Jacob's tears. And that is just one child, one of the thousands and thousands that have been abducted, raped, tortured or killed by Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army

Invisible children have been working on spreading this message through a variety of campaigns which have mobilised a generation of young people. By creating incredibly heartfelt and moving imagery, and the use of social media, the message of this struggle has sunk in to a generation of young people around the world. KONY 2012, the latest documentary and campaign, is to bring the face of the man responsible to light. To make him 'famous', not to celebrate him, but to bring him accountable for the things that he has perpetrated. And social media is doing just that. In just 3 days over 15 million people have seen the documentary, #kony2012 is trending worldwide on twitter, my facebook feed is full of people sharing the film and talking about Kony. TV and Radio presenters in New Zealand are talking about it, the message is getting through. It is exciting. It is exciting to be part of a movement of people who realise that where you live, shouldn't determine whether you live. It is exciting to feel that even from the other side of the world, something can be done, something as simple as 140 characters on twitter, or pressing a few buttons on facebook to share a message. That is power. 

There are a few things that you can do to help in this fight. The first and most obvious is to watch the documentary. And then, if any thing that you see resonates with you, share it. Log into twitter, log onto facebook, and any other place that you might have a presence on the internet {blogs, instagram, flickr, deviantart, youtube... I could go on and on} and SHARE it! Get it out there, spread the message. It costs you nothing, and it might be the difference between a person understanding, and a person having no idea. Secondly, you can make a pledge to help bring Kony to justice. Simply by going to From there, there are a number of things that you could do to help! If you are in a position to financially contribute {well hello moneybags!} then you could donate, you could buy an action kit from IC and get more involved that way, get a bracelet to remind you of your pledge and to get people talking, or your could get involved with Cover the Night, and really make this man visible in your community. 

For heaps more information, head over the, check out invisible children on facebook, and follow @invisible on twitter {and check out all the awesome famous folk that are getting behind this incredible cause}

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A logo or two...

Its been a busy little hive of activity over here at the moment, and I thought I would share with you some of the stuff that I have been up too! So here are some of the things I have been designing that have certainly been keeping me busy. Working with identity is something that I love, although, I'll be honest … the first time I ever created a Logo for someone, lets just say it wasn't the most therapeutic experience, but since then my love for identity has grown and I love being able to work with people to create something that allows them to be known in a marketplace, whether it be on a large scale, or maybe just something for a country market. One job is just as satisfying as another. Here are some of the Logos that I have been working on. A couple of them are from projects that I did while I was still getting my design qualifications, and some of them are for clients who are still getting their business ventures up and running. As for a few of the others, they are out there in the market today, and I have to say its been an exciting road seeing your work out there. 

Maybe you have something you need designed? Well! I am only an email away, so drop me a line at thepoppycreative at yahoo dot com or even just send a little message to say hello, I mean who doesn't love a little sunshine in their inbox! 

Oh and for a little bit more fun, I am guest blogging today over at the lovely blog Dolce Vita while Micaela is away celebrating here birthday. So head on over there and have a peek

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Deathcab for cutie... You are cute.

You know how sometimes there are bands that you listen to, and you just smile? Well Deathcab for Cutie are one of those bands for me. They are just. Well. Cute. And as luck would have it they decided to be part of the New Zealand International Arts Festival this year, which as luck would have it, takes place right on my backdoor step. {Thanks Wellington for being cool.} So my pal and I  got a little bit excited and made a night of it. Cocktails, good food and the delightful tunes of a band sure to make your day, Last night was a pretty good night. Oh yes it was. We decided to hang back and have a dance rather than get all smooshed up and covered in other peoples sweat, so the photos are the best quality but who gives a hoot. It was so much fun, I hope they come back soon.