Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh my, Incubus.

To say that I am an Incubus fan, is well, the understatement of the century. Wait. Make the the millennium. Its been a good ten years since my crush on this incredible band was formed, and I can still remember a friend of mine giving me their album Make Yourself, and telling me to listen to it because it would 'change my life.' Little did I know at the time that he was completely right. Because as cliche as it might sound, that is was this band has done, changed me. And now, ten years later, I was able to see them perform, live, for the second time. I'm actually sitting here trying to articulate the words to explain what it was like, but in all honesty, I am at a loss. To say it was brilliant doesn't seem enough. In fact, it makes it all sound ordinary and that is far from what last night was for me. And I think one of the best parts of it all, was that I was able to share the night with two of my best friends, who like me, are so invested, and so in love with this band. Maybe I sound a little crazy, but you know I think I'm ok with that. 

The show was transcendent. As soon as the lights dimmed after what felt like the longest wait in history {ok so it was about 20 minutes after the support act ended} the band took the stage and opened with an unexpected, but totally welcome Privellege. I knew right then, that it was going to be a night of epic proportions. And, so it seems I was right. Not only did they play some of my all time favourite songs, there was an awesome mix from almost every album. I'm talking everything from Consequence to Vitamin, Pistola to Pardon Me, Anna Molly to Adolescents to Drive. Not to mention, If not now when, Have you ever, In the company of Wolves, A kiss to send us off, Love Hurts, Megalomanic, Are you in, Switchblade, Nice to know you, Wish you were here, The Warmth and of the course, the ever crowd pleasing final number, A certain Shade of Green. Im telling you folks. This show was out of this world. I just hope its not another 7 years, before I see them again.

And with all that said, I come back to an Incubus lyric to sum up the evening. "I haven't felt the way, I feel today, in so long its hard for me to specify." Thank you Incubus. For everything.

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  1. So glad you had a wonderful time, it looks awesome!