Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting to know... Me.

I have been thinking about this for a while, and at the beginning, I wanted this space to be a place to show off my work, but as I have found my way back into blogging, I realised that in order for a lot of what I do to make sense, people need to know who I am, and what inspires me, not only as a creative, but as a person. So, I thought, why not, get to know each other... But then I thought, how exactly do you show people who you are, through words on a screen. Its not such an easy feat, but, here goes. The first installment, of getting to know me.

Ask anyone about me, and they will tell you I am loud, I am more often than not singing, and I am always smiling. I prefer wearing bare feet over shoes in summer, and think no winters day is complete without a scarf or a cozy little hat. I think painted toenails are sexy and will wear red lipstick on any occasion. I am completely, and totally obsessed with music. As an only child, I found my siblings in the melodies of my favourite songs, and some of my best friends in their lyrics. I am connected to people because of their souls, not their faces. I believe that everyone has the right to education, healthcare, love and a place to call home. Call me a liberal if you must. I prefer to call me a human. I love avocado on toast, and berries in yoghurt. I take photos, of almost everything. I am learning to love the gym. I think childrens innocence is something that adults should run after, and that family is number one, even if they are confusing and frustrating at times. I write in journals, and buy even more. I prefer a few quiet beers with friends at home than a drunken night with strangers in a bar. Give me my choice of alcohol, and Jack Daniels will win everytime. I believe that we should learn from our mistakes, and trust our intuition. I think people take other people for granted and that we don't talk enough. I'm not afraid of speaking my mind, and standing up for what I believe in. I am a traveller, and I leave a tiny piece of my heart everywhere I go. I don't mind being alone most of the time. I think reading is important and imagination is even more so. I have a personal relationship with Jesus, but I will never tell you that you are wrong if you don't. I like late nights and later mornings. I love sitting in cafes for hours on end and watching the world pass by me. I like slowing down to take in the little things. I would do anything for the ones that I love. I am fiercely loyal and independent. I am learning to love myself a little more everyday. 

I'm not sure you know me any better. But, that is a little bit of who I am. 

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