Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project 366 v5

Um? Hello end of January. How are you? Flip. I cant believe that the first month of this
year is over. It has definitely flown by and so much has been happening. I have had a couple of job interviews, although nothing has come of anything as yet. But, I am trying not to get discouraged {though its hard. for sure} I have a little bit of design work on the run and the weekends are busy with photography, so thats fun. Oh! And while I remember, Pinny Me Up! is officially on etsy. You can find the lovely little aprons right here. And this afternoon I have been busy crafting a lovely little accessory for a bridal shower I am attending on Sunday, its pretty cute if I do say so myself {you might just get a peek in next weeks 366 installment} 


  1. January did fly by. These photos are pretty :] I wish I had done a fun year project like this. Oh well. Best of luck with landing a job! Also, the sailing apron is the cutest.

  2. Lots of exciting things in your world! I can't believe it's February either. And because it's a short month, February will inevitably fly by!