Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project 366 v.4

The last few days have been good. I have had a bit of time to do my own thing, which also means for me getting back into the healthy lifestyle which I had committed to before christmas. I am back to eating healthy and back to the gym 5-6 times a week. I won't lie, I am hurting a little bit from the workouts and I have had a few headaches, but I am starting to feel much better which is a bonus. Today I managed to get out of the city and take my camera on a little trip, as well as scouting for some great locations for an upcoming wedding, and as a little bonus I got to hang out with the cutest little nearly two year old while I was doing it. I hope your 2012 is going just as good as mine. 


  1. You have some of my favourite dvd's in that pile.

  2. Love Juno! And I really enjoyed your photographs too!

  3. I love Juno and really enjoyed what I've seen of TDWP so I think I'm gonna have to check out the others now too! True Blood is awesome once you get into it huh? But yes, enough about that one photo. They're all brill. A teapot and cards? What's the go there? :)

    I love your new space here. So many posts to get through now! Great to be back in contact Tillie xx And yes, my year is dandy. So glad to hear yours is rockin! WOO!

  4. Hey I'm so glad you stopped by! Isn't Ebs just the best?

    Those photos are great - really make you look at the little things in life with a new view, huh?

    You know what? I've got a real hankering for some capsicum now. I wonder where that came from! Hehe