Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pinny Me Up!

1. The Secret Garden.  2. Barbie Rose.  3. Sweet Sailing.  4. Berry Darling.  5. You are my Sunshine. {sold}  6. Stripe Me Down.  
7.  Oh so Lacey. {sold} 8.  Miss Minnie. {sold}  9. Cherry Bomb. {sold}  10.  Summer Romance.  11. Colonel Mustard's Picnic

Photography - The Poppy Creative   /   Beautiful Model - Denae Cammell   /   Awesome person on location - Jay Brooker

I have always had a bit of an obsession with the 1950's. The style, the art, the music, the lifestyle, and recently a friend asked me if I would be able to help him make up something special for his lady for her birthday. Seeings as she is an avid baker it was pretty clear to me that a cute little apron would be the perfect gift, so I channelled my inner housewife, and got to work. After the first one was made, a few friends thought they might fancy a wee pinny too. Suddenly I had made about 7 of the pretty little things, and realised I may be onto something. So I spent a couple of nights sewing like a little seamstress infront of my mums super old but wonderfully reliable sewing machine {she got it before I was even born!} and viola! Pinny Me Up! was official and The Paper Doll collection was born. They will be up on Etsy very soon, and I have already started collecting new fabrics for the second collection which will be hopefully made and ready for winter. Do you have a favourite one? I would love to know which one you like the best!


  1. They are so cute, such brilliant fabrics.

  2. Love the name !
    The first one is my fav ♥

  3. THESE ARE GORGEOUS!!! and as it were, i'm on the hunt for a cute and useful apron (this is the year i master the kitchen!). i love them all!!! but if i were force to narrow it down, i'd say the pink roses and the anchors with the heart. I LOVE THESE. loooove and can't wait for that etsy shop of yours for sure. xoxo

  4. Eeeep! I love these. I think I may have to order one or two of these for when my friend and I move in together this summer! They're the cutest things!
    I wish I had a sewing machine!