Monday, January 9, 2012

Project 366 v.1

Oh here we go! A new year, and a new photo a day project. Yes, I have been known to start these...and not finish them. In fact, I think I have started about 3 and gotten to about day 100 and then gone down hill. Not this year. No sir! I am going to complete this project if it kills me, and I can't imagine that taking a photo everyday will do that {hopefully I haven't spoken to soon} And what better year than 2012 to complete is, because this wont be your average 365 project, because, what a minute... there are 366 days this year! So, here we go. 366 days, 366 photos, 61 posts, 6 photos per post. Oh did I mention, I am going to be using my iPhone for the majority of these photos. I've been a big instagram lover for a while, so I'm going to put the handy little app to use! Are you excited? Because I certainly am. 


  1. Hoorah! Nothing I love more than a sweet yearly photo project! Good luck Miss!

  2. Yay, loved your last one even incomplete :) I think it is so much easier to do a photo a day since Instagram, you will rock it babe xxx

  3. What a fun project! You can do it! I hope to start something up like this next year. I wish I had an iphone. I am so jealous of everyone with instagram. Can't wait to see how your photo project turns out!